I’m a tequila girl, I always have been and there really is nothing better that a margarita but they can be ridiculously bad in the calorie department. There are some lighter options, like the “Skinnygirl Margarita” cocktails but let’s be real, those pre-blended bottles NEVER have enough tequila in them and you always have to add your own anyways.


Fill a shaker with lots of ice and juice two limes into it using a citrus reamer to get the most out of it (1). I really LOVE lime flavor so I throw the limes into the shaker for even more flavor. Here’s where you can play around with different “flavors”… if you want a standard margarita then juice squeeze about a tbsp of juice from a fresh orange, if you want a “flavored” one then squeeze about 1/4 cup of the juice of your choice (in this case, blood orange) (2). Add in a shot of tequila (3)and about a tsp of organic light agave(4)and shake it up really well! Put some ice in your glass (and salt the rim if you like!) and pour the contents of the shaker into your glass!

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