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Frozen peach berry cocktails


Ingredients 2 lbs Fresh Strawberries 2 Cups Granulated Sugar 1 Cup Water 1/3 Cup Vodka 1/2 Cup Peach Schnapps [expand title=”Read more” swaptitle=”…”] Instructions You have to be prepared to make these. So the night before (when your making the mix) pop your ice cream maker in the freezer. First we are going to make a simple syrup. Take the …

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Vodka Espresso


Ingredients: 2 oz. vodka 1 oz. espresso 1/2 oz. coffee liqueur 1/4 oz. simple syrup (1:1) Tools: shaker, strainer Glass: cocktail Garnish: 3 coffee beans [expand title=”Read more” swaptitle=”…”] Direction: Combine ingredients in a shaker and fill with ice. Shake well until chilled and foamy; strain into chilled glass. Garnish.[/expand]

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Moral Suasion


To float the brandy, hold a barspoon bowl-side facing down, with the front edge of the bowl touching the rim of the glass just at the surface of the drink. Slowly and gently pour the Cognac over the back of the spoon. Rotate the glass to let the layer spread. 2 oz. peach brandy* 1 tsp. Luxardo maraschino liqueur 1 …

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This is one of the most deliciously fresh and bright cocktails you can make, which is perfect in the summertime. We experimented the other night (well I did, my husband wasn’t interested in being adventurous lol) with different flavors and came up with some good ones! Orange basil, the original Lime Mint flavor and even a strawberry one… getting the …

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We had a great time trying new cocktails and watching the Sabres game. Sunday my mom and I cooked a big breakfast, which is where the two items in today’s post came from. My mom discovered the idea of swapping out orange juice for orange sorbet in mimosa and I wanted to show you guys how we make our own hash …

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I think by the end of the weekend every one was a fan! Lime and fresh mint are muddled together and topped with bourbon, sweet apple cider and a splash of ginger ale making this the PERFECT go-to drink for the fall! Start off by putting half of a fresh lime that’s been cut into 4 wedges in the bottom of your …

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I have always been hesitant to try cocktails that include a simple syrup, honestly just because it seemed like more work than it was worth… even with the name SIMPLE syrup. I’m ashamed to say my laziness kept me from enjoying some pretty delicious concoctions! A little work ahead of time saves you from having to muddle each drink and …

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I’m a tequila girl, I always have been and there really is nothing better that a margarita but they can be ridiculously bad in the calorie department. There are some lighter options, like the “Skinnygirl Margarita” cocktails but let’s be real, those pre-blended bottles NEVER have enough tequila in them and you always have to add your own anyways. Fill …

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