This is one of my favorites that I have tried and my husband really loves it so it’s a great option for the mornings when we’re both home. Aside from the healthy aspects of this dish (full of protein, heart-healthy fats & fiber), it really is delicious. The creaminess of the avocado’s flesh and the yolk of the egg pairs perfectly with the zing of lime juice and cilantro. It’s awesome for a weekday meal that doesn’t take too long to make and when I make it on the weekends, I serve it with salsa and warm pieces of naan to really beef up breakfast!


Baked Eggs in Avocado

serves 1-2 { if serving with naan and salsa, one half is enough, if serving by itself 1 person would get both halves }

one ripe avocado

lime { for juicing }

coarse salt

two large eggs

cilantro leaves { for garnish }

salsa & warmed naan bread pieces { optional }

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