Avocado Cream and Chicken Suiza Enchiladas Recipe

It’s natural to think about eating with the season when summer is at its height thanks to backyard gardens, farmer’s markets and the full thrust of colorful produce. But looming in the shadows of fall’s big time holidays—Halloween’s sweet treats and Thanksgiving’s gorgefest—lies a simpler bounty of fresh squashes, carrots, potatoes, and avocados.



4 cups cooked and skinned shredded chicken meat (about 1 store-bought rotisserie chicken)2 4-ounce cans diced Fire Roasted Hatch Chiles½ medium white onion, diced2 cups whipping cream1 cup chicken broth2 Avocados from Mexico1 cup fresh cilantro, stems and leaves1 teaspoon cumin1 teaspoon garlic salt1 teaspoon kosher salt, dividedJuice of one lime2 ½ – 3 cups shredded Mexican blend cheese (or just Monterey Jack if you prefer)8-10 7”-8” flour tortillas1/4 cup chopped green onionPin It